Multi-amp System Reset

  • 23 September 2022
  • 4 replies


I have just taken over a series of sites that have Sonos at each location, primarily with multiple connect amps at each.

The systems have all been created with different accounts, some logins are known and others are not.

If we need to reset a site with 8 connect amps on as the login is unknown and updates cannot be applied do we need to remove all amps from the network and add them back one-by-one? Then add at setup we can add the connect:amp(s) to a known account?

4 replies

Can you not simply Transfer System Ownership, as set out in ?

If you don’t know the credentials for the existing account, you’ll need to sign out before you can transfer ownership of the system to a new account.

Thanks @ratty I’ll take a look at that.

Do you have enough credentials to “change password”?

Thanks all the transferral did the trick.


I may be back as I discover more setups across 8 different sites!