Moving Active Music Queue

  • 2 February 2017
  • 3 replies

It would be interested to hear from other SONOS users if they too would like the ability to have active music queues passed between rooms. Yes, currently this functionality is available with room groups, but it's not very user friendly. A feature request would be to drag a group onto another group and have a prompt to GROUP or PASS. If GROUP then the rooms group together as normal, if PASS then the music queue is passed to the new room group. If the music is currently playing and PASS is selected then the original rooms stops playing the music and the new rooms picks up the stream seamlessly. Eg. Your outside around the pool and you want to come inside for the evening and continue enjoying your music playlist, Currently you have to group the two rooms to have the active queue passed, wait for the grouping to take place, then go back break the group apart, wait for the grouping to separate and stop the music in the original group. Why can't this be a single action? :?

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3 replies

You are using entirely too many steps. Group, X new room, un-X old room, Done.
Yes, you are correct this works with a single Sonos devices or groups. Problems is when your have multiple Sonos devices already grouped to be a room. This process breaks the room groups apart. Just tired of having to manage room groups all the time.
I can think of no scenario of moving a queue from a Room (or Grouped Rooms) to another Room (or Grouped Rooms) in which the "Group, X where you want it to play, un-X where you do not want it to play, Done" will not accomplish what one wants. Perhaps you could explain the situation you are having trouble with?