Moving a speaker from Lounge to Bedroom

  • 6 August 2020
  • 1 reply

So I have had three rooms setup on my system:

Bedroom - Sonos One

Lounge - Play:3

Guestroom - Beam

I want to take the Play:3 out of the Lounge and put it in the Bedroom which physically I have done - problem is the App Setup. For the life of me I cannot add the Play:3 to the Bedroom and whenever it’s plugged in it defaults back to “Lounge”. I’ve tried renaming and grouping them but then it just shows as having 2 “Bedrooms” being grouped.

I can play music and group them so it’s not the end of the World but its very frustrating when I feel their should be a simple fix. 

I should be able to delete “Lounge” as a room and add the Play:3 to Bedroom easily and I can’t, it’s very annoying!! Anyone figured this out? I also can’t find an option in the app to “delete” the play:3 so I can set it up again. 

I’m using the new Sonos app - the second variation with the mustard coloured logo and all my speakers have been updated to work.

1 reply

Hi.  I think you have misunderstood things here.

The room name is just a label for a speaker or a specific combination of speakers like a stereo pair.  So you can’t (without confusion) call two different speakers ‘Bedroom’.  Give them different names.

If you are saying that when you do change the name it reverts back, then that is nothing to do with Sonos.  It is usually caused by Apple HomeKit.