move play button from right to left bottom corner (ios app change request)

  • 26 March 2020
  • 3 replies

It would be handy to move the play button from right to left bottom corner. 

Easier to select with left hand thumb. 


3 replies

Out of curiosity, are you left handed? 

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Hello @Jeroen van der Burg 

Thank you for your thoughts on how we can improve the user experience via our Sonos controller app. 

I would be happy to pass your idea along to our development team for consideration in future versions of our controller. 

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Unless you use your right hand to start play, as I do, holding my phone in my left hand.

Maybe it’s a generation thing - I also don’t do two handed typing on my phone, where you hold your phone in both hands. As see my daughter using her iPhone like that.