Move (pair) missing from desktop app (macOS) but in mobile controller app (IOS)

  • 19 October 2019
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I have a pair of L+R Moves as part of a significant Sonos system consisting of many zones.


The two Moves are always found in the mobile app (ios devices) but do not appear on the desktop app.  I can connect different zones to the Moves and control all of the zones via the desktop app (including volume ± of the Moves), but the Moves are not visible even while their volume can be controlled via desktop.


On an IOS device they are visible and work as expected.


Tried restarting the desktop app many times. Sounds like a bug in the 10.4 MacOS controller… Am I holding it wrong?

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1 reply

Interesting. If the Sonos system is of a significant size is it ‘wired’, i.e. in SonosNet mode? Is the desktop wired?

Are the Moves showing up in the grouping menu on the Desktop Controller, or can you only access them once they’ve already been grouped using the iOS controller?