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I think it would be really cool if you could use your "controller" to broadcast your own voice throughout your Sonos speakers. For example if I am having a party and people are throughout the house in different rooms and in the backyard, I can pick up my cell phone and announce through the speakers that food is ready and in the kitchen. Or even for emergencies to alert someone in another room if you need help. I think that would be a cool little feature, don't you think? -David

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This would be amazing! I've been waiting for this feature for sooooo long!
Totally agree, this would be really cool!
C'mon... it's about time to do it...
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This feature already exists in 3rd party app called Sonos Voice for idevices
I know, but I'm on Android. There are some android apps that can do it but I'd prefer this functionnality to be integrated in Sonos. Other apps usually bump your playlists when using the intercom. I would see a sonos feature where you could pause a song to use the intercom and then start it again or at least come back in the same playlist you were. You could go as far as intercom over the music...
Please do this with your app Sonos!  Some guy over there could probably code it in an afternoon (I have no idea actually).  But it would be such a great feature!  Do it.
If you are looking for an iOS Intercom app that works with your Sonos speakers, check out Intercom for Sonos. It is a solid app that lets you record and send an audio message to any Sonos speaker in your home. It handles interrupting your music play really well and even has some fun voice effects you can play with.

Reported for rampant spammage.
Sorry, didn't mean to spam. I just thought people might like to know about Intercom for Sonos since that is what the original post was asking for.
And your generosity with such information also extends to discounting the app from $4.99 to free for anyone here who's interested? I somehow doubt it.

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