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I know it's been asked before but I'd like to know if setting a maximum volume will be available soon. Sometimes, I hit the volume bar and the speakers blast. I live in a condo so.... Not really ideal.

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That would be good addition, as well as then resizing the scale of the volume bar, eg prob barely goes a 1/5th of the way up the scale to be very loud, which can go someway if playing in other rooms, and the volume has rocked right up in another room and so isnt as noticeable.

so if could

1- limit it to an amount. and then
2- Have that limit then be the 100% of the bar, it would go someway to appease the neighbours..
We also need a maximum volume setting. Per speaker.
I too would love to have options for maximum volume setting. The maximum is absurdly loud, hurts my ears. Now can I use only a quarter of the slide bar which makes the volume control delicate.
If any of you have SmartThings, I wrote a smart app that controls maximum volume. It stops my kids from playing their Sonos at full blast.
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Sonos has said its coming so I would expect this year.
Just released but poorly developed - case of overthinked engineering. By lowering the max percentage, you are actually setting the "new 100%". Especially with soundbars, which are connected to the TV's volume, that's pretty useless.

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