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  • 27 December 2012
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I am for using multiple devices for control (Ipad, android tablet, 2 android phones, and a laptop). New user here and I havve no idea how to stop the system (Play 3 with a bridge). I force closed the control app on the android phones and android tablet, shut down the laptop and simply closed the app on Ipad but it won't stop playing. I have to physically mute the Play 3 to not hear it but I'd rather stop broadcasting Pandora thru the Sonos app to the Play 3. How do I stop it from playing? Is there a way to close the app so it no longer tells tells the bridge and play 3 to play?

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7 replies

Press the "Pause/Stop" button before you leave the app. Sonos is designed to keep playing until someone stops the music by pressing "Pause" or "Stop."
I, too, have a Play 3 with bridge, and I have discovered that Sonos has made it MUCH harder to actually turn it off (I'm using an Android phone). Now you have to STOP the playing, then you have to LEAVE the Sonos controller, and then on top of that, you have to go to SETTINGS, scroll down to APPLICATION MANAGER, scroll down the app list til you get to one for the Sonos, click on it, and then click FORCE STOP. ONLY THEN (!!!) will the Sonos app actually stop on my phone!! It's ridiculous.
This is a problem. Sonos will not stop. You can press the "stop" button., but that does not stop the stream. It works only as a mute. You can turn off Sonos completely, but the stream continues. I have done this things 1) hit the fake "stop" button. 2) close out of Sonos 3) disconnnected my laptop's connection to Wifi. 4) turned off the computer

Sonos is still "busy." It is still streaming, but the sound is muted. How do you make this stop completely. How do you turn Sonos off?
The Stop/Pause button, either on the Now Playing screen on the controller app or the button on the device itself, will actually stop the stream. Closing the controller app is not supposed to stop anything, because Sonos was designed to keep streaming even if the controller is closed. The only thing which silences output but doesn't stop the stream is the Mute on the controller app.

Exactly how are you determining that Sonos is still streaming after hitting Stop/Pause? Because if so, it would be a strange occurrence indeed.
I think this was also discussed in another thread, but for those who see this later, it's important to remember that the majority of the process in a Sonos system is on the player level, i.e. in the speakers. The app that you use to control it is merely a "remote control", not the actual streaming. The player will continue doing whatever it was told to do whether the app is running or not. Especially on internet streaming. Effectively, using the app, you're sending a command to the speaker saying "hey, go grab this stream from the internet and play it, until you receive a command to stop". That command can come from the original app, another app on a separate device (mobile or PC), or the button on the speaker. But, the speaker will remember what it was doing, and start back up doing the same thing when you tap on that button again. Or, it will take a new command from one of the remote control apps that are potentially connected to it.
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Just had this problem yesterday. Nothing I tried on the app worked. eventually, I shut off the speakers on the speakers. ( using he :play/pause button). After that everything worked as usual. I think this was sort of a reboot of the system Good luck!