Make equalizer openable/tweakable directly from any playback window

  • 20 October 2013
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Different songs, genres and even sources of music (e.g. Spotify or FLAC streams vs. web radio) call out for on-the-fly EQ tweaks. The app now forces one to dig deep in order to make changes: choose settings, choose player, choose EQ. That's a major annoyance and not intuitive. On what stereo does one need to call up Settings to change the tone. EQ should be available up front, just like volume. Idea: slap an EQ symbol/button on every active player view. So if, say, I'm listening to Kitchen, then that is the player whose EQ will get changed. Obviosly things get trickier if multiple players are running. I'd recommend letting the EQ tweaks apply to all active players unless the user expreslly clicks off the new Blanket EQ change on the fly" option. This would help those of us most who mainly listen via a single player (so no danger of EQ conflicts), or whose secondary system is only seldomly on. I, for example, listen most via a Player 5 in the kitchen. The Bridge on my hifi system is set to flat volume, so not linked to changes on the kitchen system. Maybe a similar preset could be created for EQ, so the user can decide which players are to be affected by on-the-fly EQ tweaks and which ones not - for example the more "purist" equipment.

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4 replies

I like this idea too. I've been playing with my new Play:1 and Play:3, and find the sound quality less than stellar for vocal sources, e.g., news radio stations. I get closer to an accurate response when I tweak down the bass and tweak up the treble. I'll expand on Scott's request - I would love to have (in order of priority): a) more eq controls (e.g., 5 sliders instead of two); b) easier access to the eq controls; c) audio eq presets for different audio genres (e.g., Spoken, Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.), as many receivers and media players provide; and d) auto-detect of genres and auto-switching of eq presets.
This is a great idea and I couldn't agree more.  It would be a great improvement on what we have today.
I agree, however, I think having the ability to save presets which can then be quickly recalled goes hand in hand with this request.
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This app could be useful in this case: