Mac volume buttons to control Sonos volume (via desktop controller app)

I would like to control the volume of my Sonos (controller) by pushing the standard volume buttons of my Mac. Similar to what you do with the Android volume button (or the iOS volume buttons, I assume)

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Me too. I've now used BetterTouchTool to simulate this by mapping Fn-F11/-F12 globally to Up/Down in the Sonos Desktop Controller.
I have better touch tool and started setting up shortcut, but don't know what or how to put what I need in the Trigger Defined Action part...any help letting me know how to do this would be much appreciated. Can't believe mac doesn't enable the volume buttons to control music on songs when iTunes is shut.
If you map it, does it stop it working on other apps?
that would also be highly interesting for me. how do i map this in bettertouchtool?
hey - can someone help me configure bettertouch? I've tried adding vol up and vol down globally using F11 and F12 but it's not working, can't find a tutorial anywhere. Many thanks
You need to set Global shortcuts, and I am not sure whether F11 and F12 actually do work normally. I used Ctrl-F11 and Ctrl-F12 instead.

This works for me.
+1 here....
Controlling sonos volume through keyboard shortcuts would be huge for me!
Desired Keyboard Shortcuts are:
- Volume Up
- Volume Down
- Mute
+1 – I am so used to using Media Controls on my Macbook Pro and would love to be able to use them in Sonos Controller. Mapping of [F11], [F12] in BTT doesn't work because I use the media keys without modifier
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Yes, I want to be able to control the volume from the mac keyboard please! A hot key perhaps. A modifier key and the volume keys perhaps? Please!
Agreed. I'm new to Sonos but this has been the biggest usability hurdle. My family and I are used to using the keyboard volume to control Spotify but now we have to fiddle with Sonos volume bar to change the volume which is less accurate and more evasive. Only problem I can think of is if I crank up my Sonos with my Mac and then lower it with my phone. What happens to my Mac volume? Does it go down? It can't. Maybe add the ability to create a keyboard shortcut for volume up/down for each room in the Sonos app preferences? Great product!
They'd better figure this out before that new Apple smart speaker launches or they're going to be losing a lot of market share. I like the product and sound quality a lot, but the entire SONOS music interface is LONG overdue for a redesign.
I support this feature request, but I also have some good news for those who use Spotify.

I installed an app called Finely Tuned, and it has the ability to sync the spotify volume to the system level. That means you can use system volume shortcuts F10,F11 and F12 to control spotify volume.
Hi there. Was just reading this and have managed to map the keyboard shortcuts for Vol Up (Cmnd 🙂 and Vol Down (Cmnd -) to BTT (and I only found those by accident) but I don't know what the keyboard shortcut to mute Sonos is. Anyone know please?

Is there a list of Sonos keyboard shortcuts anywhere?



EDIT: It's ok, I found the list in the Help menu! D'oh! 😉