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  • 17 February 2018
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Hi all,

As Sonos does not deem it necessary to support tag meta such as album year or lyrics in its own app, after many such feature requests (c'mon, how can you NOT support album year??), I was wondering if any 3rd party apps exist that can do the following:

1. Play songs from a library, stored on a NAS on my Sonos Connect
2. Show lyrics that are embedded in the ID metadata tags
3. Show album year, or at least have an option to sort albums by artist chronologically instead of alphabetically

Reason for wanting this is that I have a library of 30000+ songs, most of which I painstakingly added lyrics to in their tags, and ALL of them have album year tag. I used to have a Squeezebox system, which did all of the things indicated (and many more), but it broke down after many years and I decided to switch to the Sonos Connect instead. Only I can no longer enjoy the fruits of my labor now 😞

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2 replies

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It's worth noting that there are technical reasons (mostly limited memory) why Sonos reads and stores a minimal set of tag/meta-info. However, it's frustrating that this info can't be pulled in on-request (if for no other reason than to give the "track info" screen a reason to exist) - it's pretty clear that artwork is pulled from disk as required, rather than being permanently stored.

Of the third-party controller apps I've used that offer additional (or indeed any) info, SonoPad (iOS) has an interesting approach, bypassing the tags and going straight to Wikipedia.

Otherwise, you're probably looking at some kind of external music manager / server solution to integrate with your Sonos, rather than a simple third-party controller app.