Lower Cost option for Lutron Caseta Pico Audio Remote

  • 5 March 2021
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I know there are a few older threads here suggesting Sonos users can utilize the Lutron Caseta Pico Audio Remote to control volume, play/pause, next/favourites - but I found through other forums (probably Lutron ones) that the standard Pico remote is essentially identical to the Audio remote, except for labeling, and works perfectly well for controlling Sonos once paired and setup. 

The Standard Pico remote here in Canada will cost about $23 vs. $50 or more for the Audio remote (Amazon pricing).  I used my label maker to create custom audio icon labels (see pic) to mimic the function of the Audio remote, but this isn’t strictly necessary.  It’s a shame that Lutron charges such a high premium for the Audio labeling but I guess it is a niche market.  They both come in black as well, which I would have preferred - however this again is more than twice the price.  The pedestals are $13 up here and highly recommended...they have a nice weight and grippy base.  Yes you must have a Lutron wired Bridge connected to your router to enable the Lutron setup, but they are very nicely made smart switches & controls for connected home control of lights, shutters, etc...you can buy a bundle kit with a switch, remote & bridge for a good starter price.

They work really well with minimal lag...you can read more in other threads about features, etc. but you get up/down volume, the center dot I believe cycles through favourites. Upper button is play/pause (which mutes volume for phone calls, etc.), lower one is next track.

I sadly miss using my CR200 since upgrading to S2, honestly it is a real pain to use most tablets and phones to wake up, unlock, connect to WiFi, open Sonos, then control what you need.

Anyway just wanted to post this cost effective solution for a pretty functional wireless remote for Sonos.

Happy listening!


My Pico Remote with Audio labels added


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Hey @muskokaken, welcome to the community.


Thanks for sharing your setup! I know we have quite a few users with older home automation kit lying around gathering dust, so your suggestion here will hopefully help them out :smile: