Loss of lock screen control after latest upgrade

  • 14 July 2018
  • 6 replies

Because we have a couple of Apple TV’s on our network Sonos’s latest upgrade now precludes us from controlling the volume etc off IPhones /Ipad unless we unlock device

There was no warning of this issue before the upgrade and once one device was upgraded none of the others were able to be used without upgrading

This unilateral decision to run our system as they wish to, from only the Sonos side of the equation is becoming quite high handed and starting to make us regret choosing Sonos

Anyone else not happy with this new lock screen option delete?

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6 replies

I'm not happy with this change either, although my usage never involved licking anything.
Wasn’t able to edit the header, only message, only saw once posted
Maybe if enough Apple TV users have same issue they might find a way to use Air Play and not interfere with our locked screen control.

Another issue I have is there are no instructions as to how we use this new offering
Can you now stream music from a You Tube video?
The loss of lock screen is an unacceptable loss in quality of your product. I don’t want to use airplay on Sonos but now I need to disable my Apple TV if I want the lock screen back.

Total garbage for an upgrade.
If you don't plan on using airplay 2, you can turn off airplay on your non-sons airplay devices (Apple TV), restart the Sonos app, and the lock screen should reappear. I think that's what Markus201 was getting at, but just repeating if it wasn't clear.
We use Apple TV’s to stream a lot of our content, don’t have cable, so disabling Air Play not an option
We should have a choice about Sonos upgrades if they interfere with other devices in our homes . The way Sonos are providing upgrades doesn’t allow you to change your mind once you download initial upgrade, you then find other devices on your network will not function until same upgrade downloaded