Listening Modes

  • 20 September 2022
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Not sure if this is something Sonos has but wondering if Sonos could gave a Modes setting sort of like with tvs but maybe it’s redundant. A way for the user to adjust sound based on different situations. For Sound only you already have night and improve voice but how about settings for stadium, party, rock, easy listening, fine listening, pop/funk/rap just as a few examples. It would adjust the profile to account for those needs. On the tv side it would work in conjunction with the tv settings for movies, sports, etc. Remember stereo receivers had something like this. Thoughts?

4 replies

They’d need to be stored on every device….and we already know there’s limited memory...but that may not be an issue, since this kind of thing wouldn’t need to go to S1 at all.

But I’m not sure I really need my stereo pair of PLAY:3s in the bedroom to store 15 types of sound signatures that I use for my Arc in the living room. 

It’s a interesting thought, just not sure how well it works in the distributed ecosystem that is Sonos. Certainly not impossible….

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This is a good idea. Would be great to have some additional sound modes and options. For me, having  scheduling for these things would be super useful.


TBH this gets asked all the time. Like weekly probably. From just a few days ago for example:

Imagine how many times since Sonos started, or even from S2 when they promised new features. I don’t know seems unlikely.

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I wouldn’t say no to a Voice and Night mode, no interest in the other fancy stuff.

Пreat offer. I support this idea. Тew challenge for developers.