List view with full album names and years of release?

  • 18 March 2019
  • 2 replies

Is there a way to switch from tile view to a list view after I search and access any particular artist? In tile view almost all album names are truncated. Also, it would be nice (actually more than nice... it should be And a way to quickly distinguish between albums and singles should be included. For an app this old, I wonder why these basic features are not already present. Or, if they are, where did you hide them, Sonos???

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2 replies

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Albums vs singles would need that distinction in the tags. Not only do ID3 tags typically not allow marking a distinction between an album/EP/single (other than hacking "EP" or "single" into the album name), but Sonos reads and stores the absolute minimum tagging information to enable browse/search navigation (so no "year" tags for date-based sorting).
Well, I am sure there is a way if there is a will. When you search and access an artist in Apple Music, you can immediately see Albums, Singles, Live Albums etc. It also displays the year. Spotify does it too (some screen-shots attached). And Tidal shows albums, EPs & Singles etc.
Sonos should find a way to get that data and use it. Because it is orderly, timesaving and logical. USEFUL.