List My Stations alphabetically

  • 18 November 2017
  • 6 replies

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I find no positives to the 8.2 Sonos upgrade that requires more steps to do what I used to do. However the worst change is that the only way My Stations is now displayed in Pandora is with most recently played at the top. Seriously? After years of alpha order now it's not even an option. Many Sonos users don't just listen to the same handful of tracks over and over. Others who want sanity restored please pile on!

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6 replies

Just upgraded to 8.2 and cannot even access my PANDORA account. What is with this. The worst user interface in the entire world. If it wasn’t for the huge $$$$$$ investment I’d be out on Black Friday buying something else.
Yes, please get this fixed. Ugh! Scrolling through all the Pandora stations is sucky-town ... please get this fixed. Thank you!
Also lost my alphabetized Pandora station list....when will this be fixed please
This software update is horrible. Not user friendly! Not having the alphabetical station list is insane. I am considering using other streaming services.
Also, it is a very opaque navigation system. Nothing is intuitive unless you are a software "insider". The previous system was much more user-friendly.
Very frustrating my Pandora stations are sorted by recently used. Need alphabetical back. I searched several minutes for Dokken today. And finally had enough and felt compelled to post this. For the money I’ve forked out for a state of the art entertainment system, this feels like taking a huge step backwards to the stone age. Come on Sonos.