Link Connect line out volume with paired speakers

  • 31 May 2020
  • 1 reply


I have a paired set of speakers in the living room (2 x play:3) and a Connect - which I had been using for a line in from cd player (so I can listen to stuff old school style).

Recently I had connected a sub woofer to the line out of the Connect, to give the bass some more kick. Connecting it up and setting it up as 'variable' in the App was not issue - and nor was grouping with my paired speakers. Problem is when I adjust the volume on the play:3 button - just the play:3 volume is changed(both of them) and not the Sub woofer.

Is there a way of ensuring the buttons adjust the Connect/Sub as well? I know if you do it by the app or with Alexa it does....but the kids have the habit of using the buttons on the speaker as they are easy to find and quicker!

Any help is appreciated. 

1 reply

@payneb12 Thank you for bringing your question to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. When using the touch controls on your Sonos products it changes the volume for that room. The reason for the volume changing on your Play’3’s are likely due to using them in a stereo pair and not as grouped rooms. You would need to use the controller running the app or voice command to change/adjust the group volume.