LG Smart TV and music

  • 4 January 2022
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I have the old Sonos and am upgrading.  Probably going with immersive Arc, some Play 5's, a Move, etcc..  Looking to play music throughout house and also play sound through our LG Smart TV in the main living room. I may also use a Beam for another TV>  My question:  Is it relatively easy to switch back and forth between Sonos playing the TV and playing music?


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Yes, it is very easy. The Sonos app has a feature called TV Autoplay. When this feature is enabled, the Arc or Beam will automatically switch from playing music to playing TV audio when it detects a TV audio signal. When you want to play music again to the Arc or Beam, you just select the speaker in the Sonos app, choose the song, and press play and the music will begin playing on the selected speaker again.

There is another feature called Ungroup on Autoplay. If you are playing music on the Arc or Beam and it’s grouped with other speakers, when the Sonos detects a TV audio signal, it will automatically ungroup the speakers and only play the TV audio out of the Arc or Beam.