Latest Controller - THIS IS AWFUL

  • 6 November 2017
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I have recently changed my phone and in so doing now have the updated version of the sonos controller app..........WHAT HAS HAPPENED???
This is awful! Really awful!
Why mess with something that was intuitive, straightforward and simply WORKED, and replace it with this shambles.
I have loved my sonos system for the 5 years i have owned it but the way the new app works is really abysmal.
Why oh why if i have searched for and added one song does the app feel the need to place 90 plus songs into the queue?? This makes the previously fantastic queueing system almost unusable. PLEASE PLEASE SORT THIS OUT SONOS. Your functionality was one of the plus points to keep you ahead of the ever growing number of alternatives in the wireless audio market.
If i select one song, i only want one song otherwise i would select to play the whole album.
This really needs sorted if Sonos is to maintain its position at the pinnacle of the wireless audio market. . . . We can find this level of poor functionality for significantly less price in the current market.
Please keep your head above the competition and fix this abomination.

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13 replies

The queueing action you are experiencing is not new, it has been in place since version 6.4, released in Sept. 2016. As announced here:
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There are MANY other abysmal issues with the new 'update' (read downgrade). Go back and stick with what worked. Period.

I couldn't agree more!!! I just spent an hour trying to determine where the controller for my sound bar went, also where are the radio stations I had saved, also why the disconnect trying to use AccuRadio, it doesn't recognize any of the radio stations I had previously saved? Where is the controller that allows me to control simple things like SOUND Volume on speakers, or muting a speaker from my cell phone or computer?? This app is full of crap and no functionality!!
How do we downgrade to the old controller?
I'm with you. Hate this new update, I want my old Sonos back.
Intersting that Sonos has no response to this problem...............
Intersting that Sonos has no response to this problem...............The response is on several of the other threads about the new version of the controller.
which of the 5896 replies can you link me to?
which of the 5896 replies can you link me to?

I can summarise:

There is no going back to the old controller. Sonos is listening to feedback on the new controller and encourages everyone to give them suggestions. They are planning changes that will address the feedback, with the first release coming shortly.

So if you have anything specific to mention in a constructive manner, they certainly will listen. Though I'm pretty sure "full of crap and no functionality" doesn't quite meet those criteria.
I am finding the new controller awful too, i cannoy access my music on my i pad, access playlists and goes into error when my phone is off line (whilst playing via i pad...) a real mess
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If you get an error when your phone is offline it means your trying to play a song you put in queue from that phone. This has nothing to do with app update it has always been that way.
Thanks for the advice. My main issue still is that i cannot seem to find music on my i pad, i now have to access via Spotify
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Music that is stored on iPad should be where always was in the browse section on this iPhone. What happens when you go there?