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  • 26 May 2020
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I intalled the app on my new laptop and it connected fine for a while, now it doesn’t connect to the system, I follow the reset steps, it tells me i’m connected and then won’t connect

1 reply

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I am sorry to hear about your issue. Do you have other devices you use to connect to your Sonos system such as another smartphone or tablet? If so are you also having troubles connecting to your Sonos system on other devices? Please provide the following information to have a better understanding on how your Sonos setup works, there are many reasons that could explain the issue you are experiencing and this will help to pinpoint the cause:


1. The make and model of the Router you are using.


2. Please list the controllers you have attempted to connect to the Sonos system (iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or Mac).


3. Do you have any additional networking devices? This could include wireless network extenders, network switches and power line adapters (not other Laptops, Gaming Consoles, NAS drives). If so please provide the make and model numbers (usually found on the device).


4. Are you using any VPNs on your mobile controllers or a PiHole?


As a test I would ask you to temporarily connect the Sonos Beam into the router (or mesh provided you are using Wi-Fi from the mesh system), and try again.