Is there a non-brand/after marker Sonos controller

  • 13 October 2019
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Love the speakers but am so thoroughly sick of Sonos PC and phone apps and the regular downgrade updates and spam that would do anything for a replacement. Two hour break on a 24 hour work shift and wasted 30 minutes and had to search community in order to set the alarm. Last Saturday had dinner party and system died. Phone support identified that Bridge was not working. Subsequent testing by a friendly engineer insists working properly and likely made obsolete by app change. Bose doesn't have these issues. I reckon there is money for someone who can develop a non Sonos controller. How about it Alexander Heinrich? If you can do it for an Apple watch then how about a PC and Android?

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With respect, ypur post doesn't make sense. The app is just a remote control. Blaming the app for a system failure is like blaming your TV remote because your TV has gone on the blink.

The claim by your engineer that the Bridge had 'been made obsolete by an app change' is such mumbo-jumbo that I don't know where to start.

I am sorry you are having problems, which I am sure are genuine and frustrating, but I think you would be better advised to listen to Sonos Support than a passing 'engineer', however friendly he may be.
BRIDGE is still supported and the latest firmware update does not cause BRIDGE to fail.

Have your engineer check the BRIDGE power supply voltage -- it should be about 5.1V. During a software update BRIDGE must reboot. If the power supply voltage is too low, BRIDGE might be able to run, but not be able to boot. This will lead to the incorrect conclusion that the update is defective. Also, it is common that BRIDGE will cause issues because of the low voltage, but if you unplug the power supply in order to force a reboot, the power supply voltage may rise to the point where BRIDGE can boot and run for a while. This "while" might be minutes, hours, or days. This can also lead to the incorrect conclusion that BRIDGE is defective.At this point you should assume that the BRIDGE power supply is defective until proven otherwise.

BRIDGE has been discontinued for several years. Where did you buy it? BOOST is the current replacement for BRIDGE. BOOST is much more effective because it uses more modern wireless technology.
Thanks John B. I think you missed my question. Is there a non Sonos app?

Glad you love Sonos and support it. I am obviously not technically minded. Sonos is sold as a music system. Presumably that includes people like me. Given it's expansion to Ikea, I expect that the company has increased its support staff exponentially.

My second point was a complaint, of the latest downgrade burying the alarm under 7 actions when previously it took two, for which there are thousands of comments elsewhere. Due to my work and the brief sleep opportunities, I have to reset the alarm at least twice and often three times a day. Only the irregular days off allow routine and for that the alarm stays off. Sonos has forgotten millions of owners who are shift workers (medical, first responders, security, aircrew, hospitality, etc.). There are many colleagues who have Sonos to the extent we have two One Players in our rest room.

FWIW, the system failed in mid play during the previous app update. It stopped to reboot and couldn't be restarted. Nothing else changed. No network connectivity was lost. Removal of the Bridge on support's advice fixed the problem. Bridge had been bought two months before on support's advice to solve a problem. "Passing" electrical engineer with PhD working for large aircraft manufacturer also has Sonos and has problems but is able to resolve them more rapidly given tech mind. He has a 'smart' home but this is a step too far for me. On checking he maintains app/firmware problem and rejects your analogy of TV remote - says something about bidirectional handshake (hope this makes sense).

Thank you for your time.
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I doubt there are millions who depend on Sonos for critical alarm use. There are probably millions who use a clockwork or battery alarm clock!

Alternative controllers are few - and generally don't have the same features as the official apps.
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Sonos burying the alarm settings is a grudge I can understand. The Bridge has been discontinued years ago (though it has been getting updates) - it has been replaced by the Boost, that uses a better version of SonosNet. Strange that your devices start updating in the evening; as far as I know mine are set to update at night - please check your settings.

I do not have any experience with non OEM apps, but there are some in the app store. Please share your experiences if you’ve chosen one!
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You can control via Alexa our google home. Also Spotify and Amazon music apps can be used to play on Sonos.
As for your other issues it sounds like you have some network issues. It may be worth resetting your router and attached devices.