Is anyone else starting to hate their sonos system because of the app?

  • 27 June 2020
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I bought into Sonos because it provided hassle free music throughout my house.  Over the years the term, "hassle free" has gotten less and less accurate due to the app "upgrades".  Today I attempted to address my issues with the app and found the support address listed on the Google play app page is no longer functional.  So I waited until 10am when I could use chat (who provides only 1 way to contact them and have it not be 24/7?) Where I got a very unhelpful associate.  He was probably good at trouble shooting system issues but that wasn't what I was looking for, it was just the only way I find to contact Sonos.

And to cap it all off, the chat app stopped working after just a few minutes of chatting.

8 replies

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Hi @MumblingMillimeter.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

May I know what seems to be the issue with your Sonos system? what seems to be the problem so we can better help out. 

The more information you provide, the more we’ll be able to help out.


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Hi Paul. My original problem with the app was that when my internet was out but my wifi was working the app would not launch. That meant that while I could still use my sound bar and subwoofer I had no way to pair it to other rooms.  My second problem is that the contact email for the app listed in the app store produced a bounce back saying it was no longer monitored.  My third problem was then that I had to wait for business hours to contact support. My fourth problem was then that the chat app froze mid support. My fifth problem was I waited until a week day and called. The person said a supervisor would be in touch. My sixth problem is that I never heard from Sonos again.

Oh, and also I was forced to upgrade to an app that has 2.8 stars and the app on my tablet is no longer supported which means I don't have a way to give guests control of the playlist. 

Basically I have outrageously expensive hardware that is dependent on an app which is getting worse and worse.

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Hi @MumblingMillimeter.

Thank you for the immediate and detailed response. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these situations.

I would like to ask if you can message me directly with the following information.

  • First and Last name:
  • Sonos account email address:
  • Call back number:
  • State and Timezone you’re currently in:
  • Best time to give you a call back (in general like daily if possible).

Once the information requested via DM are on hand, I’d be more than happy to send this up to our escalation team for proper handling.

Looking forward on these information from you soon.


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I can’t disagree MM. 

I just want to click on Sonos, find some music in either my spotify or Youtube music OR on my Library without seeing the little white square “Unable to play...”





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Hi @Michael Sch.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I would like to ask some clarifying questions to better understand the situation.

  • What is the exact and complete error message when trying to play music through your Sonos devices?
  • Does this happen when trying to play on one Sonos device or to a grouped Sonos device on the Sonos app?
  • Does this issue only happen to a specific music service or it happens to all music services including music library?
  • Is this happening from the Sonos S1 app or S2 app if you have both?
  • Does this happen when trying to play music on a Home theater Sonos Speaker or just the regular Sonos Music speaker like Sonos one, Play 1. etc?

Please let me know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out


Totally starting to hate my Sonos system due to the app!!!!!  Well stated mumblingmillimeter.  Worthless expensive hardware that is useless due to the app!!!

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@Sonos Experience Suffering If you state the problems you have with the app, you could get some help from Sonos or forum members…....


Agree about chat being a horrible way to interact with Customer service. It cut me off too. Also agree that the app is not very user friendly, for multiple reasons