iPhone/iPod Dock will be bricked nest update

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Is it just me but I am sad that the dock will be of no use after the next software update. Yes yes I know it's been out there a long time but for me who has 1000's & 1000's of CD worth of music on my trusted iPhone/iPod that is my main source of music will no longer be supported, sure I can use the inline to play but it mean I have to keep touching the iPhone/iPod to select music as the CR200 will just be a volume control at this point, (oh don't get me started that the CR200 will be next to get bricked). I have been a sonos user from the very beginning and owing so many of there products and seeing so many of my favorite hardware go bye bye it's sad sure time has change for better but for us who is completely satisfied we should have to go out and buy new products if we really don't need to jus to keep up with the Jones's. I guess I can just not update as most of all the new update does not apply to any of my hardware and maybe it will keep working. If I am forced upgrade and what I have no longer work and then need to get new hardware it will be time to see who else make such wireless music system.

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Why not give free storeage on google play music a try...50,000 tracks for free and stream from there instead?
Google music manager even syncs with your iTunes library, so when you rip new cd's it will auto upload them without you doing anything.
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Paulw123, not available in South East Asia.
I fully understand your feelings. Although you might resent having to buy hardware, a cheap, basic NAS like those that WD make would make a suitable and convenient way of storing and playing your music. Or is everything also on a computer anyway? If you decide to go down the route of not upgrading there is a lot of useful advice on the 'Save the CR100' thread about avoiding accidental upgrade.
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Just arrived back home in Thailand, plugged in all sonos stuff which is connect amp dock then cr200. Everything booted up fine and all is playing playing at the moment, sad part is this will not last as before I left every night (when I pay music) the cr200 could not find dock sometime it would tell me searching for sonos components usually have to unplug everything sometime at least twice before all would work again. Been meaning to send dignostic code but never get around to it.

Of course when the new software update comes out I am up a creek without a paddle on my most used hardware the dock.
If the music is on your iPhone/iPod, it should also be on a computer somewhere, shouldn’t it? Maybe in iTunes? Share it out from there and away you go.

I’ve got a dock too. My wife loves it.
burg650 wrote:

Of course when the new software update comes out I am up a creek without a paddle on my most used hardware the dock.

Choose to not update anymore!
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If I am always playing music from the dock, do I need to have the connect amp plugged into my router to play from the dock and use the cr200 ?
I believe the Dock can operate in wifi mode, but the CR200 requires 'Boost' mode, i.e a Sonos component must be wired to your router.
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John B, my router is not wifi and I though the only reason to have the connect amp plugged into the router was for updates and if you wanted to listen to internet radio/music. So I am a bit confused that the cr200 need for the connect amp to be plugged into the router.
I am afraid your understanding is rather astray in many respects. This Support article might help


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