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Hello everyone, I just switched from android to iphone, Sonos works excellent except of ability of control music on lock screen. I found tip from Sonos: http://www.sonos.com/support/onlineuserguide/en/SonosUserGuide/iPhone/Chap01/Lock_screen_controls_-_... According to this tip lock screen controls should work but: I cannot find "location services for Sonos on my iphone" nor Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Show Lock Screen Controls option in Sonos app (there is no so option). Does anybody have similar problem?? I found several discussions here with no solution.

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Piotr - there are no current lock controls on iOS. 
Chris, thank you for quick and clear answer. It is strange that there is official information about lock screen controls, on Sonos web pages. There also mentioned that lock screen controls are compatible only with devices running iOS 8 (both iphone and ipad). Are you sure that user guide is "little ahead of itself"? Somebody had to write it and mentioned ios 8.
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Piotr - there are no current lock controls on iOS. 
It used to work on iOS 8, and it seems to no longer work. I'm actually really confused by it.
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Piotr - there are no current lock controls on iOS. 
There has never been ios lock screen controls in an "official released" version of the Sonos software.
There is a shortcut to the Sonos controller that appears on the lockscreen similar to the one for the camera. It appeared after an ios update this morning but has now gone again. Very handy!
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On your iPhone, in Settings > Handoff and Suggested Apps, selecting Installed Apps will cause App suggestions to appear on the Lock Screen.
Wheres 'handoff'? I cant find it in settings?

Edit - Found it doh
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To find Handoff you go to Settings -> General -> Handoff & Suggested Apps

Don't worry, Handoff doesn't do it.

Piotr - there are no current lock controls on iOS.  Apple has some limitations on the lock screen that have kept it from happening.  We hope to eventually see it come out ... no word from Sonos as yet.  Looks like that user guide was a little ahead of itself in thinking it was happening.

The Pandora app allows control from the lock screen, see the attachment. There isn't any reason that Sonos can't make it work.
Agree with Iain_B - no reason why Sonos can't figure this out. There are NUMEROUS apps that have figured out how to utilize the lock screen function - for all sorts of things.
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Spotify is another good example of an (music) app using the lock screen.
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Quicksonos developer here, what do you think about quicksonos as an alternative for people to have lockscreen access (through a today widget) to their sonos system ?

Quicksonos is build with usability in mind, it offers big buttons wich are easy tappable.
For me it was also very important that I could as fast as possible control my speakers, so quicksonos caches the last sonos zone status which makes it usable as soons as the buttons are visible.



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