Iphone app can connect to Sonos but can not use internet services

  • 4 December 2019
  • 2 replies

Since some months, the Sonos app on my Iphone can connect to the Sonos system on my wifi, but then can’t use any internet services, like exploring on AppleMusic or Deezer, exploring radio stations, or logon to my account (as it needs internet access). In general, anything that requires connection to the Internet is not working.

This issue is onlyt on my iPhone : A Mac, an ipad, and everyone else’s phones work just fine, on the same Sonos system and Wifi.

App is up to date, deleted and reinstalled several times. The Sonos system is up to date.

The only thing I can think of is that my iphone is a Company one, so maybe some of the management options may interfere ? but have not found anything on that front.

Any ideas?


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2 replies

I think your analysis is the correct one. The company has installed something on your phone that is blocking access to many things. Perhaps it’s got a VPN, which would block most access except as defined by the application they are using. You may want to ask your IT folks directly what they’re blocking, and tell them what issues you’re having.

Update: I searched some more at my company’s  IT FAQ.

its indeed related to a DNS protection service they install, called Umbrella by Cisco.

there’s a KB explaining the issue, and stating this needs to be fixed between Sonos and Apple:

My IT hinted that Sonos would be fixing this in q1 2020, but there’s no Sonos statement to confirm this.