iPhone 5c finds Sonos 1 then gets lost

  • 20 November 2016
  • 1 reply

iPhone 5c (10.1.1) finds Sonos, can select music and Sonos starts to play.
Sonos plays happily.
On second or third try to forward track, change station, etc, no longer able to connect.
Must unplug and restart all. What can be the issue?
Our "source" of internet is via Android mobile tethering. Could this be the issue?

Also, my iMac is also unable to recognize/connect to Sonos.
Any hints greatly appreciated!

Haven't tried my Macbook Pro yet.

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1 reply

How many devices are hanging off the Android hotspot? Most have quite a low limit on the number of clients. If you have more devices than assignable IP addresses the client devices could be playing musical chairs.