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I've drawn a complete blank on trying to solve an irritating problem with the app on my iPad (a top of the range new device a year ago). I have a perfectly functioning home wifi system, and no problems with absolutely any other app whatsoever. However, when I try to use the Sonos app to control the 3 rooms I have players in, it usually logs in immediately and then drops out within a few seconds, stating that 'you need to be connected to a wireless network to use Sonos. go to settings ... etc etc ...'. This is when well within range for all other devices, and if the speaker is playing, Sonos will still function - demonstrating that the network is, indeed, being accessed. However, the controls simply disappear each time they temporarily log in, whatever else I do.
This is exceptionally frustrating, and I have tried very possible combination of restarting my entire system from desktop and router to Sonos devices etc ... all to no avail.
I am not adept at adapting subtle changes to the system, as I have only basic public understanding of home computing networks. However, what I do know is that absolutely every other device I use (mainly Apple) works seamlessly and effortlessly when first connected, and never gives such a problem. This must be a flaw in the Sonos setup, and for the price, I would hope that it can be sorted out from the manufacturing end and not require me to some complicated 'fix' such as I have glanced through in some of the topic columns here.
All advice gratefully received.

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Does your iPad have a SIM card? Try disabling Wi-Fi assist in Settings --> Mobile Data --> Wi-Fi Assist
Also worth checking, if your router is dual band, that your iPad is connecting to the 2.4GHz band, not the 5GHz band.
Hi there, same problem here - I'm running a year old iPad Pro using 5Ghz wireless and the Sonos connection keeps dropping in the bedroom. I switched to my 2.4Ghz wireless network (through iPad settings / wifi) and the connection problem has gone away. Switching to a 2.4 Ghz wireless network will make your iPad connection run slightly slower if there are lots of other 2.4Ghz wireless networks around you (because of interference etc.) but 2.4 Ghz has a greater range (and a more robust signal) than a 5Ghz signal through walls etc. Hope that helps, D.


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