iOS Sonos controller app issue

  • 8 November 2017
  • 1 reply

Hi, after the latest update my wife and I have some app issues.

We have a 5.1 setup called Livingroom, play:1 called Kitchen and play:1 called Bedroom.

If we want to change to the Kitchen, then the app doesn’t pick our choice. It returns to the Livingroom. I have tested this scenario. If I choose to change the output in a fast manner, then the app will not save the setting. If I change the output at slow speed usage, it looks like the app saves the setting.

Is it possible to correct this at a future update? It is a quite annoying problem.

Thank You,

Best Regards

Kim Rostgaard-Bruun

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1 reply

You are using the quick grouping. That is not how you switch rooms. To switch rooms, tap the down arrow at the top, hit the Rooms tab, then tap the room you want and swipe up (or double tap the room you want to quickly access).