IOS Playback & Airplay Decisions

  • 6 September 2019
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The decision to remove the ‘On this iPhone..’ capability is horrendous. Saying that “The way this feature was originally architected has become unreliable with newer versions of iOS” doesn’t cut it. Re-architect it. Re-write it. Serve your customers’ need. There are plenty of talented software engineers in the market and far more complex applications that run fine on IOS. This decision wouldn’t be so bad if there was a workable alternative. However, the fact that the majority of Sonos devices in the field can’t support Airplay 2 makes Sonos’ decision to remove the IOS playback capability 10 times worse. My Connect AMP and PlayBar are boat anchors. The suggestion by Sonos that these devices are obsolete and should be replaced anyway is ridiculous. My Playbar is 2 years old and the Connect AMP 4. If that’s obsolete for Sonos, maybe that should be indicated prominently on the packaging so consumers can make an informed decision when purchasing. New PlayBars are still being sold to customers who won’t learn their disappointment until they try to use the product. Particularly with the PlayBar, where was the forward looking design? Most electronics hardware makers provide capabilities to future proof their products or the ability to upgrade in the field. None of that smart thinking apparently went into Sonos speakers. As users our only solutions for continued use of “obsolete products” are expensive hacks. For me, I’ll need to buy a new Sonos speaker that I don’t need and group it with the boat anchor obsolete speakers. Ridiculous. I will never buy another Sonos product and no matter what the cost I am replacing all my Sonos products with those from a more customer focused manufacturer.

2 replies

Please read the relevant threads for numerous alternativves that would avoid your speakers becoming redundant. Although it seems you have mafe up your mind to leave Sonos so good luck.
As users our only solutions for continued use of “obsolete products” are expensive hacks.

Actually not true. A Google Play Music account that holds all your current tracks for play through the cloud on all your devices, including Sonos, costs nothing. A 128 GB thumb drive connected to most routers for an ad hoc NAS costs less than $20.