iOS 15.1 lock screen not showing, airplay is disabled on ATV4K and samsung tv

  • 11 December 2021
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As title says, can’t get it to work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, everything that got airplay function is disabled, still no luck getting the controls on the Home Screen to work. Got a Chromecast but can’t imagine that can be an issue? 

Any other ideas, did go over some topics in the forum but nothing that helped. 


8 replies

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Have you enabled Lock Screen Controls under App Preferences in the Sonos app?

Have you checked these limitations?



Lock screen controls will not appear in the following scenarios:

  • A non-Sonos AirPlay capable device is present.
    • To allow lock screen controls to appear when using Sonos, disable the AirPlay feature on all non-Sonos AirPlay endpoints such as Apple TVs or Apple AirPort base stations.
  • Another app on the iOS device is playing music or video.
  • While the iOS device is connected to a non-Sonos Bluetooth audio device.
  • VoiceOver is enabled.
  • Headphones are connected to the iOS device.

The limitations above do not apply when playing audio to Sonos using an app that supports Sonos direct control or when playing AirPlay audio directly to Sonos. We recommend using either of these options if the above limitations are preventing lock screen controls from appearing on your iOS device.

Yes, did all of th All of the above before I post it here. Still no luck


I have exactly the same problem. Tried all the suggestions above but still no joy. Other ideas please!



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What external media devices are you guys using?

@NigelP What model TV are you using?

I’ve got to say that this whole “ have to turn off non sonos airplay” devices is an inconvenience that may-will-is putting off buyers from Sonos. There must be another way of making this work. I’m also surprised there’s not been an office widget to control too…. 

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I went through this entire production half a year ago, turning off Airplay on my AVR, TV and Apple TV.  Sonos control on the Lock Screen of my iPhone and apple watch worked great for a few months.  

Now iOS 16 is out and its stopped working again.  Went back last night and checked all airplay receivers and one was turned on.  Turned it off and Sonos came back to the Lock Screen and (and even showed up in the “Dynamic Island” of my new iPhone 14 Pro).  Then this morning, nothing again.  All airplay receivers are still off.  All Bluetooth is turned off I resorted my phone and the Sonos app and still nothing.  No hardware control via the volume buttons either.

Having to wake and unlock my phone and open the Sonos app every time I just want to change the volume or whatever is s huge PITA.  Come on Sonos, get it together.  This kind of stuff shouldn’t be happening in 2022 with premium audio devices designed to work with smartphones.  At the very least give us a widget to put on the lock screen to make app access quicker.

I’d think that since Sonos hasn’t changed their software, but the Apple has, it might be possible the bug is in iOS. 

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A lock screen widget would be nice, but the issues you’re having seem to be on Apple’s end. Oddly, the functions seem to come and go sporadically.