• 13 December 2016
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I'm relatively new to Sonos. I have a playbar, 2 play:1s & a sub. I’m not an techie geek, I just like my music and films, and genuinely believe Sonos provides one of the best audio experiences I’ve had to date.

I’ve heard others suggest what differentiates Sonos is the app. Whilst this helps deliver a good package, surely what differentiates Sonos is the sound. After all this is what they're in the market to deliver. The best quality home audio experience possible. What worries me, however, is the lack of integration potential with other facets of the digital home. There are now many products available from the likes of Amazon, Bosch, Samsung & Nest which allow us to control appliances simply by saying something.

Sonos needs to be part of this revolution and quickly or it will miss the boat. It needs to position itself as the audio solution of choice across all apps & interfaces, including Bluetooth & IFTTT, but without these open interfaces I fear for the worst.

It seems Sonos keeps quiet on futures but I thought I’d say this anyway. Makes me feel better and hopefully lends some weight to community opinion. If Sonos do feel like commenting then please feel free!

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6 replies

You may have missed this:
Sonos announced Control4 as one of their "endorsed partner integrations" and then released a firmware update that broke the integration before having any plan in place to resolve it leaving Control4 installers to face unhappy customers with no real solution to offer them. They have also been pretty slow to resolve the broken integration with Audible. Let's hope they start to take their integration commitments a little more seriously before they roll out Alexa integration and a lot of people come to depend on it. I think there is a lot less tolerance for down time in the integration space than there is in plain consumer streaming scenarios.
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Sonos works with IFTTT and is one of the very few speakers that works with Samsung Smartthings for voice announcements and automation.
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Bluetooth is no new technology and is an inferior method of streaming. Should anyone required Bluetooth they can simply hook a dongle to a Sonos unit with input (such as Play:5) and then utilize Bluetooth all they like across the sytem.
Thanks all. I had indeed missed the press release. Exciting! Like I said I am no geek, just a lazy 50+something looking forward to retirement. Recently i've come across articles on the 'Smart Home' that have sparked my interest. I just want to sit on my sofa and tell whatever works best to play my Spotify playlist via Sonos then order some beers and a pizza and have them delivered to my door. Perfect!
I just want to sit on my sofa
I can understand where you are coming from, but there is a Chinese - I think - proverb: Be careful what you wish for.....:-)