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App volume control too sensitive

When choosing a low volume, it seems impossible to choose the right loudness by just using the app volume control. the difference between silent, and the next setting is too large, and thr only way to...

Volume control

Is it possible to use the iPhone volume keys to control the Sonos app volume?

Redesign the app volume control to get a better experience

I'm really in love with my Sonos system. I own Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 and I'm considering buy more components. The only unhappy thing I find is the volume control bar in the app (on any version: ph...

Folder view on mobile

I can see this topic has been raised multiple times previously, so I'm surprised it has never been addressed by Sonos: for music stored on a phone, why is there no folder view? It is a simple progra...

Music from iphone cutting out

Songs being played from my iphone are cutting out and not being played in full. Its skips to the next song, plays part then skips again.

Connect with Onkyo

When I first set up my connect with my Sonos ready Onkyo receiver, the Sonos app would switch the inputs on the Onkyo when I selected music to play. Now it will not switch. I have to manually do it wi...

Looking for support under Linux (Debian) OS

Hi! I would like to know if there is any support for Linux as OS on laptops. Could you provide a howto to get Sonos running under Linux? Thanks!

Linux Support

Hello, When can we expect a native Linux controller?

Sonos playing music but not discovered by the controller app

Hello, I have a play 5 recently purchased. I’ve managed to connect to wireless and play music however after a preriod of time (inactivity) the controller app (iPhone/iPad) stop finding the speaker. H...

Allow more than one speaker per room group

Apparently this is a popular request so I’m adding my voice. I have multiple speakers in one room (Play 5 and a stereo pair of One). I want to assign them all to the same room (permanent group). This...

Choosing new playlist - clearing queue - Brilliant Controller

I have a Brilliant light switch controller in our master bathroom. It controls the lights and the Sonos ConnectAmp in our master bedroom, that drives speakers in the master bedroom and another pair i...

9.0 Update - Sonos One NOT discoverable via HomeKit for Siri integration

As the title suggests I have recently updated to v9.0 but the feature I am most looking forward too trying (playing apple music via Siri voice commands to my Sonos One) does not seem to work. I can op...

PC controller not finding SONOS components!

The controller installed on my PC is not recognizing any SONOS components! The handset controller and the controller on my android phone are working fine. I have checked the firewall and un-ticked t...

Grouping bug

Hi, I use three Play:1 speakers - a stereo pair in my living room and a single one in my sleeping room. As long as I play only audio in one room it works as expected. But as soon as I select the ste...

Android app not connecting to existing speakers

My Android Sonos app continuously doesn't connect to existing speakers. Seldomly, it actually does work. Most of the time it doesn't. My wife's iPhone Sonos app is working seamlessly and fine. So some...

Trueplay Support for iPad Pro 11 Inch

So, I got the new iPad Pro a few weeks ago, and a few new Play:1 speakers shortly after. It tells me the iPad doesn't support Trueplay tuning, and gives me a link to check, but all that says is that t...

Has any posting here EVER produced anything ?

I have been a Sonos user, and have spent a LOT of money on their products since 2005. I have posted a few high priority, low difficulty suggestions over the years, and have watched *many, many* other...

To get firmware version

Is there any API could be used to retrieve speaker software firmware version?

Wont show up in spotify ‘devices available’

Ever since I installed my Sonos One two days ago it hasnt been possible to use spotify as the controller except from when I use AirPlay. Sort of the gist of this purchase was to be able to play direct...

Turning off new song notifications in Desktop Controller

Is there any way to turn off the pop-ups that appear every time a new song plays on the (MAC) desktop controller? Nothing in "Preferences" seemed to offer the option.

Sonos Controller Draining Battery on iOS

The sonos app is almost always the app that uses the most battery on my iPhone. I barely use it to put the music on sometimes, but even in the background it drains battery. Today it was 32% of my batt...

Web browser controller for Sonos

Hi all, I have released a Sonos controller for the web browser. It’s still in development, but I think you’ll really enjoy it. Merry Christmas! Check it out here: https://github.com/Villarrealized/...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Android controller problems

I hope someone can help because this is driving me nuts. The controller app my android device refuses to connect to sonos. The controller app is on 2 other android devices and 3 PCs, and they all wor...

Volume Control Issues

2 Issues here: - 1st issue is that our volume keeps increasing on its own. I can sit at the computer with the SONOS program open, and watch the bar jump up to max volume on its own. I try to slide it...


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