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Can a controller be given a static IP address

Hello forum, I need to set up a Sonos system on a small, but corporate network. We have 4 VLANS. I would like to isolate the Sonos on lets say it's own VLAN. The controller/Wifi is set up and the Sono...

Disconnect music source

Living room Beam will not disconnect from office Play 1 music choice.ie cannot clear from dialogue box. Tried using PC as well as Iphone app.

Existing System Not Found

Just got a Play:1, set it up successfully with my i Phone added another i Phone and i Pad. All working fine. Down loaded the Windows Controller. When I tried to connect to my existing system I get the...

Sequence in my spotify/my music/albums in sonos app

Recently the sequence in the listing of my spotify albums in the sonos app has completely lost its logic. For a while it has been placing the most recently played albums on top, but now it doesn't any...

Sonos volume control missing on main android volume controller

Hi, i updated my android sonos app a few months back (and regularly since), and the volume control for Sonos that used to be on the main volume buttons on the phone (blackberry keyone) is no longer th...

Feature request: Power on volume level

I was sent here by Sonos customer support. I’d really love a new feature to be added to the Sonos software which would allow you to set a volume level for your speakers when they are activated. I ha...

Recently Added Music List

I would like a method to keep track of recently added music. I used to do this with my CD's. Instead of immediately filing new CD's with my existing CD's, I would leave them in a pile next to the CD p...

How to search for music that isn't on the devices

Hi, I'm trying to write my own Controller but have got stuck with searching for music from the Content Providers rather than locally on the devices. I am currently using the UPNP solution, but would...

Missing Spotify playlist folder structure

I use folders for my playlists in Spotify. I have collected a lot of public playlists and put them in a variation of playlist folders. When Sonos does not support these folders, the list of playlists...

Your Sonos product was not found

I have 3 Sonos Play5 and they all used to work. Suddenly, one stopped working, for no obvious reason. When I try to reconnect it, I get an exclamation point and a message that my Sonos product is not...

Feature Request: User level control

I have used Sonos in our kids rooms for the last 7 years. They're both at a point now where I'd probably be okay with giving them control of the speakers in their rooms but not really wanting to open...

Can't connect to Sonos

Probably a bit of a beginner's question I've got a play bar, sub and a bridge bought about 4 years ago or so. I recently updated my router and decided today to try and open the Sonos app on iOS. It...

Sonos One and Google Assistant

Full integration between Google Home and Sonos One

Default Volume Setting

Is there a way to have the speaker volume come on at a default setting rather than where it was last left? On a couple of occasions I have been scared out of me boots when I restart playing music bec...

TV remote - changing group volume

I have a semi open-plan living area with Soundbar, Sub and 2 x Play1 speakers (set to surround) in the living section, then 1 x Play1 in the kitchen area which also contributes to the overall surround...

Sonos App for Mac Crashing

I just downloaded the controller app for Mac and it crashes before it even opens. I get a message that "Sonos Quit Unexpectedly." What should I do?

Windows Controller 9.2 doesn't remember window position

The new Sonos Controller app for Windows doesn't remember the window location anymore, meaning that every single time I open the app I have to drag it back to where I want it. Can this please be added...

Turn an old iPhone into a Sonos remote

FINALLY! Prayers have been answered.. There is no longer a need for the Sonos controller for general playback control on iOS! Between Siri Shortcuts and IFTTT integration, you can turn an old iOS d...

List Of Ports

I'm looking for a full list of Ports to give to IT provider where I have installed Sonos equipment . Its a corporate network and security is quite tight

Line-in sound cuts out all the time

I connected one of my Sonos Play5's to my computer via the line-in headphone jack. I have 2 other Play5's and a bridge. Those other 2 Play5's not connected to the headphone jack very rarely produce...

Music from iphone cutting out

Songs being played from my iphone are cutting out and not being played in full. Its skips to the next song, plays part then skips again.

Hold Play/Pause to start a Favorite Station or Playlist

In response to @avela13 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/avela13/status/390484096830291969 @Sonos would it be possible to add a feature where you could assign a playlist or favorite to play/mute button...

Add song spotify playlist

Ceck if present NO DUPLICATE

Best dedicated remote control for Sonos?

Hi there. My wife and I are debating whether to buy into the Sonos eco system or not. So far, we have decided that we really need a dedicated remote control with easy button-based access to presets/f...

Feature Request: Auto-detect and select of room when starting Sonos app

Hi, This is really pure laziness but sods law any time I go into the Sonos app I nearly always have to choose a different room from the one already selected. Just wondering if there is at least 1 spe...


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