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Parental Controls

Is there a button that controls whether Explicit songs are played or not? When it is off and you're listening to an album or playlist, the explicit songs are skipped. That way you can still listen to...

Feature request: Ambient/ full settings for surrounds when the TV is playing

So if you have a surround sound setup and you go into advanced audio and then surrounds you’re able to change the surrounds from ambient to full on music playback. However you’re not given this option...

Single page experience for volume, EQ & Advanced Audio controls

I'm constantly tweaking my EQ, Surround and Sub levels based on what I'm watching or listening to. I really just want these sliders all on the same page instead of drilling into the Advanced audio men...

Low Volume Control Very Poor

The lack of sensitivity of the low level volume control makes adjusting the volume at low level very difficult/impossible. We like to have music playing softly in the background at times. It is di...

Feature request - Android support on ChromeOS / Chromebook

Reading through the forum several users have reported Sonos Controller App for Android to work before on ChromeOS / Chromebooks, however, it does not any more. I would like to request official suppor...

chromebook and sonos

acer chromebook 14 cb3-431 according to google this chromebook runs google apps . when i install the sonos app it will not connect to the internet even if sonos is running on my phone i would real...

Wishlist for Sonos Controller Improvements

So on the old ask forum wishlist items would get lost. Thought I would post a topic where people could vote their biggest wish for controller software improvements.

Chrome Book & Sonos Now Working? Appears So ... fingers crossed

Evening all ....am I deluding myself or is it all working fine just now? Just updated to latest Sonos on my i7 Pixelbook and is doing absolutely everything asked of it right now .... multiple rooms,...


THIS IS SO SO SO FRUSTRATING - every time there is a Sonos Update I lose one (usually the same one) of my Speakers/Amps. I've tried all the usual tactics of unplugging and waiting and trying to re co...

Sonos stops when iPhone sleeps, only when playing music from the phone

Hi, since I updated my speaker with the new software yesterday (14 July 18) it stops playing music when my iPhone goes into sleep mode. It only seems to do it when I’m playing music from my phone as I...

Alarm settings

It should be possible to chose from your speakers which to be included in an alarm. Also to be able to add "all rooms". Furthermore I'd like to see a customization of the volumes for this. I have a So...

Podcasts now have skip forward and back 30 second buttons

Maybe they have been available for a while? But I only noticed when playing a podcast yesterday evening. It's been much needed and is a great help (I'm using Pocketcasts integration - don't know if...

SoundCloud Not Loading Full Playlist

I have a SoundCloud playlist with over 325 tracks on it, when I pull it up on the Sonos app it only loads about a fourth of it. I've inquired about this before, please help! My diagnostic confirmation...

Sleep timer in IOS app bug

Since some time i have to set the sleep timer twice to make it work. First time i set it, nothing happens. When i set it again, it works. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour recently? I'm using...

2nd sub in one room

I have a playbar, 2 play 5s and 2 subs. How can i connect the 2nd sub to the same room ? Please help. Anxious to see if this is achievable....thanks for your time.

Samsung Smart Watch Sonos controller

Sonos controller for Tizen

Wired Remote/Controller for Sonos

I am building a home and am planning on having 6-8 zones, all of which will have a sonos connect. Is there a solution to provide a hard-wired controller in each zone to control sonos? I have tried i...

Error code 1002 Cannot load my Library on iMac

I get an error code 1002 > my computer refuse to let Sonos connect to it. Here's my diagnosis #523689351. Thank you.

Latest update degrades Sonos sound quality

Sound become muffled, lack of clarity and layering after update. Diagnostic number: 1915351048

Mac Mojave ITunes can't import playlist

I am running the Sonos app on Mac Mojave10.14.4 with ITunes Version and I can't import playlist. Have gone though adding the library locally several times and all music imports but no playl...

Soundbar VS Philips 803 bluetooth and IR remote

My soundbar is not responding well on my Philips 803. It think it is because that there are 2 remotes, 1 bluetooth and 1 IR. Any idees on how to get it to work properly.. the sound can go from 25 volu...

CR 200 controller battery specs

What are the original battery specs.? Some replacement batteries offer higher watts than others? What's best?

Cannot fast forward while playing Google radio

Hello. Why I cannot fast forward while playing Google radio on sonos? when it is possible within Google Play app. Thanks

Simulcast to Sonos Speakers & Sertao Output?

Hi There. Loving the Sonos One, great little speaker. Definitely going to invest in more eventually however I Do have a question. I DJ, often from my living room using a DDJ SX and Serato. This i...

Sonos Beam, night mode schedule function

It would be nice if we were able to schedule when the night mode and dialogue modes are on and off like when you set alarms. We always use both modes in the evening and only dialogue during daytime....


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