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How do I add my music library to Sonos using my mobile controller?

My Music is on my Mac desktop (OS X). But cannot add desktop sons controller as it advises that system is outdated.

Zyxel GS1920 no connection after reset

We purchased a Zyxec GS 1920 48 port as a replacement switch. I replaced the switch by just connecting it our network, everything worked, I was then told we should add an IP and password. I tried acce...

Patiently waiting for Alexa Integration

Anyone else? I am using Yonomi to connect to SONOS, but it is quite buggy... especially if I have my zones grouped, etc. I am PATIENTLY waiting for full integration from SONOS...... hoping it is soon!

Downgrade for Windows XP compatibility

I understand that my chance for a positive answer is low, but is there any way to downgrade my Sonos system for Windows XP compatibility. I was incredibly disappointed to discover that in a minor vers...


I use sonos at my martial arts club to play music during fitness classes etc.. the issue is the router sonos is connected to doesn't have internet connection and when I go on my iPod/iPhone to use th...

One house, 2 different Sonos systems, 1 app

So basically I recently won a Sonos play 1 at work and wanted to sent up my own separate system for myself (my parents already have a Sonos system running through the whole house). Is there anyway to...

Share something I just listen to

How to share something I just listen to? I would like to be able to send the name of song and url to what I'm currently listening to, whether it is Spotify, SoudCloud or Mixcloud. I would most like th...


Hi, How can I make a backup of the settings in my controller? Can I do it automatically til iCloud? I'd like to do a back up of my playlists and all of my favorites and also of all of my many radio s...

Why selecting a track plays all tracks?

I'm not sure which version this 'feature' was introduced in, but I'm finding it really frustrating that when you just select a track (tap on the track entry) it not only plays that track, but adds all...

Sonos Spotify Redo

Just saying I love my Sonos but I also love my Spotify....why is Sonos making choose. Please start from the drawing board and get it right. I would hate to look for alternatives such a great product....

Windows phone App

Help Sonos developers. I need a SONOS windows phone APP

Turn alarm off on play one.

When i turn my alarm off on the play one unit. The next night when i set the alarm it does not go off. Can you not set the alarm function to overwrite the off button on the play one unit when setting...

Update Android App Without Google

Hello, In the past, I've received messages on the Sonos android app that the Sonos App has an update available and I would usually ignore it, providing everything is working reasonably well. Today,...

Is 7.3 compatible with a CR100 Controller?

Hi All, Is 7.3 compatible with a CR100 Controller?

Do I need my Sonos Bridge?

I purchased a Sonos Playbar and Sub with a Bridge a couple of years ago and they have been amazing ever since! In the near future I intent to purchase another playbar, some Play 5s, some Amps to drive...

Gear 3 Frontier App

Samsung Gear 3

How to configure Amazon Echo to control Sonos Play 1's?

I have an Amazon Echo Dot but can't figure out how to play music through my Play 1s using Echo voice commands. I once installed the Yonomi Android app to do this but couldn't get the whole thing work...

Amazon Alexa My Speaker App

I just saw this app to enable that claims you can control your Sonos system with Alexa using an application which will only run on Windows 10. They say it is not connected to Sonos. Has anyone tried t...

Why do I need to press the button on a speaker to make a stereo pair?

I've been creating sets of stereo speakers quite a bit lately with 2 Play:5's. I don't really understand why I need to physically push a button (get out of my chair ) when creating the pairing. When...

How do I change the e mail address on my sonos account

Add an e mail address to sonos account

new track starts before previous one ends

When playing music from the playlist om my mobile device new tracks start before the current (previous) one ends. What settings do i need to change?

Administrative Rights

Have kids and lots of sonos? If you do then I'm sure you have faced a scenario where you wish you had control over the max-min volume and content of single or grouped sonos. Does anyone know if this...

7.3 Android, Apple Music now fails

Hi, I downloaded my 7.3 update on my Android device ( Samsung S6 Edge ). All has been fine, all has been working until the update. The update ran, updated the speakers, then asked to re-authenticate A...

How to sort the order of my Sonos Favorites?

How to sort the order of my Sonos Favorites?

Feature Request: Chronological Album List by date albums are added to my Music Library (newest to oldest).

I LOVE Sonos but Sonos is still missing one very important feature...a list of most recent additions to my music library. Better yet, a complete chronological list (newest to oldest) albums in my musi...


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