inadequate Spotify search engine

  • 27 July 2019
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When searching a specific song through the Sonos controller on Spotify search I get 0 results if I don't use the exact typing order. I have to type the exact name of the song and after the song name I also need to type the artist. If I do this in a opposite or any other way I will not find what I was looking for. I am using Macbook laptop.

Now in year 2019 any other search engine you could image will give you smarter results with less specific headwords. I am seriously requesting SONOS to improve this search engine to at least the same as the actual music provider offers (Spotify in this case). This is an expensive gear of wireless sound system and if I am forced to use Sonos controller for listening, please improve the software and the search engine to make it worthy and pleasant to use.

I love the sound of the system (3 x sonos one + sonos sub), but the inadequate software needs improvements to meet the standards and a pleasant user experience.

3 replies

The issue is most likely to be on Spotify's side, because of the interface they provide for Sonos to connect to.

For what it's worth the Deezer service provides a search on Sonos which deals with simple queries (e.g. just a song name), compound queries (e.g. including an artist name), partial names and misspelled names.
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As Ratty says, Search is implemented entirely by the music service (except for local libraries of course). If you don't like how Spotify do it, try another service, there are plenty of choices these days.
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It would be great if it was as easy on Sonos as it is on YouTube to 1) discover new music or 2) find the music you already know. One way that could get us part of the way would be to make it possible to import playlists from YouTube ….