Inability to transfer a Spotify FOLDER structure transfer to the Sonos Controller is a glaring lack

  • 28 October 2017
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That says it really — the inability to import the playlist folder from Spotify into the Sonos Controller is a glaring lack that greatly reduces its functionality and convenience, to the point that as good as the Play 1 is, had I known this at the time of purchase I would have looked for a substitute system that had this functionality. As an architect I am a specifier of sound systems and now owning a Sonos device myself, I will in future point this out to my clients as I respectively suggest the deficiency is that serious.

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3 replies

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However, if you have the Spotify app on your computer / phone / tablet you can just use Spotify’s own interface (including folders) and send to a Sonos speaker using the Spotify direct control
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There are 2 sides to the spotify implementation on Sonos - the side Spotify expose towards Sonos via their ‘API’ and the one where Sonos chooses which features of the API to integrate into their app. Regarding Spotify folders, this is definitely on Spotify to fix. In Spotify’s API they don’t include folders so there is nothing Sonos can do aside from encourage Spotify to add them.

You will see the same shortcomings in Spotify’s own web player at