Identifying a connect Amp (I have 7)

  • 13 October 2017
  • 4 replies

I am trying to set up Amazon Alexa control of my Sonos connects. Unfortunately I have multiple connect boxes for the different rooms in my house. Is there a way to identify which room is connected to the appropriate connect? I need to make sure I am pressing the correct buttons for the corresponding rooms.

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4 replies

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You can try using the volume button while music is playing or toggle the indicator light from the controller
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Yep, open the app and group the players, then tap the volume control on the players to show all the volumes for the rooms. When you physically use the connect to move the volume you will see the slider moving in the app. I am fairly sure this will work with no music playing, so you don't need to deafen people in rooms that are a distance away.
Thanks for the suggestion, grouping all the connects in the app, and toggling the buttons on the front of the physical units allowed me to map them out and determine which unit controlled which room. In the end I only needed to press the setup sequence for one connect to link it to my alexa account. I am now able to use an amazon echo dot to control my sonos system which is a whole house system with 7 rooms.
Jut to be clear, My house is not 7 rooms!!!. There is office, and outdoor areas which alone take up 3 of my systems 😉