I would like someone to post a video of AirPlay 2 controlled by Alexa

  • 15 October 2018
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I would like someone to post a video doing the following:

1. Start a song on Apple Music.
2. Drag down from screen on iOS device to bring up AirPlay 2 option.
3. AirPlay 2 music playing to Sonos One.
4. Use Alexa to control playback, eg. Pause, resume, play, repeat.
5. Ask Alexa “What is playing?”
6. Repeat similarly for Beats One Radio from Apple Music.
7. Repeat similarly for an on-demand Beats One Radio show from Apple Music.
8. Repeat similarly for a curated radio station from Apple Music.

I don’t own a Sonos One yet so I am curious to see a video showing what happens. Sonos customer support say this works. There is nothing on YouTube or Sonos website to demo this.


Best answer by Smilja 15 October 2018, 17:35

You could have posted this there.
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5 replies

You could have posted this there.
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Thanks Smilja, for your reply.
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Incidentally Smilja, I like your signature on here. I once met the singer of the song Windmills Of Your Mind at my local Folk Club.
There are many, many versions of the song out there; I like the original theme performed by Noel Harrison best. 🙂
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Hi Smilja. That’s the guy I met. The thing he told me was that mostly the music is edited for the film but in this case the film was edited for the music. I think he died recently.