I have lost all my playlists by resetting my controller. Is there any way of finding these as a lot were spotify?

  • 23 November 2013
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48 replies

I used to have a play:5 hardwired into my network for setting up my sonos. One day I realized I wanted to move my play:5 somewhere else so I plugged in a bridge as the hardwire anchor.

This turn out to be a nightmare, it erase everything I had for not just my playlist, but also music service that I have accumulated over the years.

"How do I replace my wired Sonos product without losing my settings?"
Replacing a wired Sonos component
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Just adding a bridge in that manner would NOT erase everything, all you had to do was add the bridge to the existing system and everything would have been fine, instead it appears you added the bridge as a NEW system and then moved the Play:5 to that system, in which case it will wipe everything because you've set up a NEW system. I've added three additional products to my Sonos system since I started, including a bridge and I've never lost anything, because I read the instructions, unlike just about everybody in this thread.

Spot on!
Folks, this just happened and I am seriously pissed off!!! Something is going on with Sonos cause they are not keeping up with the technology program they are so reliant on for their very existence, i.e., Apple, internet companies, router manufacturers etc...

Worse yet, they are not listening to their customers even though they sound out surveys and what not supposedly looking for feedback. For example, why can't they do the following:
1) create an easy manner in which to back up all Sonos settings and playlists. In todays day and age, there's zero reason to lose anything as simple as this very limited information.
2) create a way for users to lock out other users from changing the stations. Yes, give someone (maybe the person who bought and paid of the system) the right to set up a four digit security code, when they have friends over and someone keeps taking the sound system hostage and changing the channel, or turing it up louder than it should be and risking blowing the speakers or pissing off the neighbors.
3) fix the connectivity. As owner users we are having to connect to our network way too much, therefore leading to the reason we are complaining on this forum over point #1 in the first place.

I have had nothing but problems with connecting with my network the last few months... We own three Play5's, three Play1's, and a Soundbar with Sub... We use iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Air computers as controllers for our system...

Lastly, for Brian from Sonos to claim that had the user who experienced the big FAIL with his system and lost his playlists, should have come on here first, that's unfair and insensitive because I spent hours on the Sonos help and support page, and because I followed each step perfectly, I lost all of my settings and playlists as well.

Show some business sense and sensitivity to your loyal customers Sonos, and take responsibility for what area clear flaws in your system. If you took only a small amount of the money your system is generating in gross sales, and applied a tenth of that amount to working out the bugs that continually haunt us, you'd have less and less of these diatribes on here, and we'd spend more time talking about how cool Sonos is and what playlists are worth sharing, etc. etc.

Disappointed yet loyal,

Rich Reynolds
I had to replace by modem/router last night due to an issue and tried resetting up my Sonos. I set it up to be the same username and password but I am now on the 5Ghz band not 2.4Ghz band. I couldn’t set it up to join my existing Sonos so set up the bridge 1 speaker (out of my 4 total) and realised my playlists were all gone.

If they are saved on the speakers themselves it is possible that I would be able to do something to recover them on the remaining 3 speakers that I haven't set up yet?

SONOS is 2.4GHz. Remove power from both the BRIDGE and the single speaker that you worked with. Wire one of the remaining speakers to your network and verify that everything is working -- DO NOT FACTORY RESET ANYTHING AT THIS POINT!

Once these items are working, factory reset BRIDGE and the single speaker, then add them to your system. Be careful to add these units to your system, do not set up a new system. (In my opinion, the menu selections here are very confusing and a wrong selection can result in trashing the playlists)

Note that BRIDGE power supplies can fail and become intermittent. If BRIDGE does not seem to be operating properly, check the power supply output voltage if you can. The voltage should be in the 5.1V range. If you don't have a voltmeter, watch the network port lights. The lights should be active only when a cable is inserted. (However, active port lights are not proof of proper operation)
Thanks for your reply @buzz.

I have changed the name and password of the 2.4ghz band to be the same as my previous router.

I have unplugged the bridge and the original play 3 that was set up on a new network.

I have then plugged in the Play 1 to the router but when I open the app on my smart phone it says your Sonos system was not found. Is that all I could have tried for?
The app is still trying to connect to the new Sonos system you created. Reset the app and the associate it with the "old" system.
Thanks The LHC and buzz, it turns out the ethernet cable was faulty...
Got one speaker wired in, will connect the rest up now.
SOOOO HAPPY, that 18 months of building playlists over different sources are still there

Following the firmware update, it could not find the sonos system instantly so it was selected as "set up a new system" by mistake. Now I am trying to restore my home setup again with the original zone names and stored sonos playlists. Is there a way to do so?
The replies by the Sonos staff, and many of the "experts" here, are condescending and non-responsive to consumer demand.

People having this problem will not know to do any of the things they are criticized for not following.

Deleting entire playlists which took months or years to create is something which is not allowed to happen without clear, repeat warnings that proceeding will delete key aspects of the customer's library and Sonos system.

The more important issue is the continuous and repeated demand by your customers for Sonos to use AVAILABLE technology to allow storage of the songs in Sonos (playlist) in an external drive, a cloud, or any other location which will not be lost regardless of what is done with the Sonos player.

After all, Sonos is just that: only a player. It does not supply the music. It is the customer's music. People buy Sonos to consolidate their songs into lists and play them on a great sounding system----but those customers want the ability to protect those lists. Sonos can do this, so please listen to them. Thank you.
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Came home this evening and found that my entire system was reset. No one in my home uses the Sonos system other than me and everything is gone - players, connect, playlists, Spotify and Amazon Music accounts. Also lost my saved TuneIn stations and access to my NAS. What on earth is happening? Only issue I had was the last Sunday when I grouped my Connect and two Play:1 units and music kept cutting out. When I ungrounded Connect, it seemed to be working properly. Today, everything is gone!
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Sorry, I meant removed Connect from the group, the 2 Play:1 units were working fine.
I too lost my Sonos playlists this afternoon which is really disappointing given the amount of time that they take to set up. The issue started with my Play 5 not being recognised from my controller on my PC - I reset the controller which I've done many times before and for some reason it had lost connection with the music library on my NAS so I had to re-add the credentials and re-index. I then tried to connect to the Sonos system, the play 5, including my sub was not visible, so I attempted to connect by pressing the two buttons on the player. Once the re-index had completed, the players were visible, but the playlists were gone.

I'm not sure what I have done here that is different to anything I have done previously (including adding new bridges, players etc), but it would be good idea if meta data such as playlists etc. can be backed-up in some way so that they can be restored if required.
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It sounds like you have performed a factory reset on the Play 5. Unless directed by support and for specific problems it is generally not recommended to do this for this very reason.
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it would be good idea if meta data such as playlists etc. can be backed-up in some way so that they can be restored if required.
Indeed. In my mind it's a bloody shame Sonos doesn't / can't / won't privide such a basic functionality. You might want to consider adding your vote here.
Tried to use my Sonos this morning to be told by the Android app that it could not find the system. I haven't changed anything about the WiFi setup or router, or any of the speakers. The app guided me through the process to reconnect and now I find that all my playlists and favourites are gone. I'm incensed.

The app did not give any warning whatsoever that I was doing a 'Factory reset'. Now because of what I can only assume is a bug in connectivity, the speakers have decided to wipe all data? This is awful, and the lack of backup option for these playlists, when this kind of bug exists, is a major omission.

This is the first time that I've been left angry as a Sonos customer. There's lots of comments on here saying: you should never have to press buttons on devices - where is this advice in the app?! And what else is one supposed to do when the app decides that the system has been lost? The only guidance the app gives is to reconnect by pressing buttons, and it gives no information whatsoever about the implications of this, or that this process is a 'Factory reset'. No other consumer device I have used (that I can remember) has such innocuous procedure result in a factory reset - this is usually performed with a paperclip and a button hidden inside a hole!
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I'm pretty sure the app wouldn't walk you through factory resetting your speaker let alone all of them which you would have to do to lose all your settings.

A factory reset means removing power, then switching back on holding the Pause button until light flashes Amber and white - did you do this - 2 ALL your Sonos gear?
@Stuart_W No I did not do any of that. I opened the app and was told it couldn't find my Sonos system. I was walked through the 'connect' process which involved pressing two buttons on the top of each speaker. Now I have no Playlists, Favourites or connected services.
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It sounds like you followed a set-up new system but obviously the speakers are already associated.

Switch router off, Sonos pieces, computer and ALL devices attached to the network (phones, tablets, NAS and so on).

Then switch on router, wait for it to connect, switch n Bridge or Boost if you have them, wait, then switch on Sonos speakers and then after that your other network devices. Hopefully your Sonos will be back up and connected.
This morning, my Sonos was blinking orange. When I touched a button, it made a bleep sound ... ? Tried everything and could only set it up as a new system. With the result -> all playlists lost ... !!!
What about a stupid and simple cloud backup solution like apps as WhatsApp and everything else ... ?
It's too stupid for words ...
Just had the same thing happen to me. Frustrating beyond words.
One idea though is that if you have scrobbling enabled, you can at least see what songs were in your playlist based upon the last time you played them. Not much consolation but helped me so thought I'd pass it on.
Wow this topic is three years old and sonos still have done nothing about it; they remind me of Apple only do it if it suits them; People they are great speakers; crap at the little things that make things great; use your iTunes; your amazon your Spotify your Plex your anything but sonos software that way when you reset becuase you were sent a new router lost internet or they decided to disappear from your network you can use your other software account to do the job right!!! Well miffed 300 song playlist for a party disappeared only took 6 hours to create it; next tip folks is when sonos have a slight discount sale don’t buy anything it means a new product coming out for not much more money so wait and get the better version!
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Hi there Graham,

Unfortunately, the entire system was reset, then the Sonos Playlists have been erased. Sonos stored these playlists on each one of your Sonos players. If one player is reset, but another player is not, then when the first player rejoins the system is automatically syncs up and copies the playlists from the other player(s). However, if all players in the system are reset, then they will lose the Sonos Playlist data.

If you created any of the playlists within a Spotify app (or created them in Sonos under the Spotify Playlists menus) then you should be able to access them by adding your Spotify account to Sonos again.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Not necessarily true. If one is reset, especially if you're in the middle of an update, you can end up with the rest of your players and devices also losing the playlists and then you end up with nothing. Even if all you were trying to do is get one device out of many to reset and rejoin the network.

It's been suggested many times in the past that there should be an advanced function to backup or export your settings and playlists so you can do a reset and then pull your playlists back in. It could save you hours of time. Hours and hours.