i cannot play my music any more

  • 20 October 2019
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i have purchased 2 speakers so far, but won’t buy any more I can’t play my music because you have stopped the access to iTunes, I am very sad and upset with this I don’t want to pay for a subscription to iTunes or google play i have enough music of my own and buy it when I feel, if I had known when I purchased this product that it would be useless to me now I would never had bought it or told my family friends about it, I was ready on another forum that maybe a class action it Being look at and I for one would join because what you have done here is not right, you have sold a product that now we cannot use unless we pay for a subscription get real Sonos you need to fix this now!!!


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4 replies

Huh? Have you read anything on the various threads about this? There’s no reason nor requirement that you pay for a subscription in order to play the music you currently have stored on your iOS device. In fact, there are multiple options available that have no cost whatsoever, which pre-date the ability to “play on this device”

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Hi Beach Buderim

You obviously own an iPhone. Your profile says you own a Sonos One.  The iPhone can play music stored on your devcie to the Sonos One via Airplay 2. So unless you didn't know this (which some folks don’t) I’m not understanding your frustration.:thinking:


I own the first of the sonos 


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I own the first of the sonos 


So you don’t own a Sonos One as indicated in your profile :thinking:.  So what do you own...a Play 1 :thinking:  which is not the same as a Sonos One.