I am unable to update my Sonos controller to version 5.1

My Sonos desktop (MacBook version) tells me I have an update to make to the controller. It finds the update, goes to install, then asks me for my MacBook password to make the update (password is typed correctly) and then fails and asks to me to close the Controller and try again. Its been like this for 5 days now.

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Hello Matthew,

I would suggest you then to simply uninstall the Controller from your Mac (your presets are saved in the Sonos components so you will not loose them).
Then go to www.sonos.com/support and download the latest version and let me know if it worked. If it did not please Submit a Diagnostic and send me back the number via this thread and I will have a look at it.

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Hi Matthew,

Please restart all your SONOS products as well as your router. If the application is still crashing, remove it and reinstall the latest version from our support page.

If you're still unable to update to 5.1 please submit a diagnostics report and reply with your confirmation number.



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