How to edit playlists/change file-song names in Sonos player?

  • 24 September 2012
  • 4 replies

I have no problem changing songs around and editing my playlists. But I'd like to change the name of files in the sonos playlist/player. it seems once the songs are loaded/shared into the sonos player/controller, you can't "edit" them or change the names of the files.

4 replies

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As far as I know you can't edit the songs or their names once they're in the playlist.
Is that true? sounds ridiculous. What if I have a great playlist and I want to add a song?
How do you edit a Playlist?
The best option I've found for this issue is that you must create your playlists in iTunes. Create them as actual playlists. Then you place them onto your iPhone (or any smartphone you use as your Sonos control). From your phone, access the Sonos application (when you want to listen it). Choose "This Phone". Once chosen, you'll be able to access all the music that's on your Phone, including the playlists. PROS : 1 - You finally have playlists on your Sonos System 2 - You can edit them any way you want (on iTunes) CONS : 1 - You can't edit file names/songs once they're synced onto phone 2 - You can't "shuffle" playlist songs. They'll play in the order you've placed them in the playlist. Overall, I like this feature. Just shuffle your playlists accordingly in iTunes and you're all set. Enjoy.