How to avoid zone change / set default zone on android app

  • 22 February 2017
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I am using android phones, each as dedicated remote device for a certain room (sonos widget and sonos app). It worked well until about a month ago, that means, the zone on the phone was set once and was not changed. Now it is different, the for some reason (maybe becouse of an update of the app) the zone on these phones changes automatically and I have to manually change the zone "back" to the original. I have observed, that one zone with a playlist will be chosen automatically, instead of the original zone where there is no active playlist (while nothing is playing).
I wish sonos would provide a way to set the default zone for each device as older phones are very usefull as dedicated remotes. Is this planned?
Could anyone tell me the version of the android sonos app, where there was no automatic change of the zone? And a link to downoload please? Thx.

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1 reply

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There are no default zones but they shouldn't ungroup and move around unless

a) a power outage where one drops out
b) a network outage where one disconnects (maybe getting weak signal)
c) someone manually ungroups from another device
d) you have an alarm set that ungroups them