How synchronous is the audio

  • 15 January 2022
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Hey there 


I’m having a symfonisk and a Sonos amp gen2.

I’m really surprised how accurate the sound synchronization is working even in my home network. 
At least no hearable delay with human ears.


Can someone tell me how accurate it is?


I’m working sometimes with Dante in live-sound applications and they are guaranteeing below 1us time synchronization but it really needs dedicated switching hardware with qos settings because of PTP time syncing. Sonos doesn’t seem to make use of all that.


did someone do some measurements ?


4 replies

I can tell you exactly how accurate it is: extremely accurate.

Sonos invented wireless multiroom audio and has patents for the technology that ensures effectively perfect synch.

I know that doesn't really answer your question........

Somewhere I read they had got sync to significantly less than 1ms (which is the equivalent of moving one’s head by 30cm/1ft). I suspect it’s a lot better than that in stereo pairs, as any substantial timing offset would soon be apparent. There may be the occasional slow drift of the soundstage but if so it’s pretty imperceptible, and smoothly corrected.

Sonos sync works by distributing the audio asychronously, then coordinating buffer playout via a shared clock. I’d imagine that the professional systems mentioned are synchronous.


Thanks for the replies guys. If I have some time I will make a measurement with pulsed sweep signals and record it with microphones directly in front of the speakers and update you!

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Make sure to use identical speakers or you may well be measuring amplifier, crossover or speaker delays.

I miss the days we could see our Sonos internals, that made them a lot more fun to play with.