How exactly does the play/pause button work on PLAY:1 and PLAY:5?


no sonos yet but seriously thinking about it. I would like to know how exactly the play/pause button works. Here are two scenarios I am interested in.

1) I would like to start playing music without touching my phone. Does the play/pause button just continues playing the last music (e.g. spotify). For example, I press the play/pause button before going to bed in the evening and press it again when I wake up. Is sonos going to continue playing? Does it use more electricity in this state? What if I stop on my phone with the sonos app in the evening and press play/pause in the morning?

2) How does the play/pause button works with multiple speakers? When I press the bottom, do all speakers stop playing or just the one on which I pressed the bottom? If I want to stop the speaker in my bedroom, can I only do that with the sonos app or any physical buttons for that?


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Hi ghoch!

I only have a single speaker at the moment so I can only answer your first question. This is exactly how it works. The play button works exactly how you have described. The speaker is designed to be left plugged in and switched on all of the time, so when you hit the play button it will continue where you have left off.

I'm sorry, I don't yet know the answer to your second question.

I spent loads of time deciding whether or not to get a songs speaker, but I'm really happy with my play:3.

Hi. When you have several speakers it is possible to group any or all of them to play together in perfect sync. When speakers are grouped, pressing play/pause button on one speaker in the group will start / stop all the speakers in the group. If speakers are playing different streams then they have independent play/pause buttons.
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If you wish to avoid having to open the controller app, you can mute any of the grouped players by holding down the "-" button for a few seconds. Of course, that player will still be part of the group, but it won't play any sound until volume is increased again.
IMO the buttons on the Sonos hardware are a big differentiator over something like Chromecast Audio, for those of us that aren't permanently tethered to an always awake smart phone. What appears to be a large price premium for having them is seen to be fully justified by the amount of use these buttons undergo over many years. It is worth learning all they can do.


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