Horrible UI; PLEASE update your SONOS review

  • 19 November 2017
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I rarely ever post in forums, yet I created an account here just so I could find out WTH is up with the new UI. The current app is an absolutely AWFUL user experience (of epic fail proportions), and we have been exclusively SONOS for several years. Turns out there are a lot of us who despise it - and I have yet to find a response about this from SONOS anywhere here. Really??

PLEASE everyone, update your reviews of SONOS everywhere (Amazon, App store, Google Play, tech sites, etc). Companies often respond to their online ratings more than they do to their own customers' direct feedback. I see it all the time in my field of work. If you desire SONOS to respond with any greater urgency, you'll want to utilize this approach as well.

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1 reply

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I have reduced my online surveys for Sonos on iTunes, Amazon, other sites. These updates just remove features, functionality, and ease of use. Below is what I sent to CS management from a tech support survey (though I doubt they escalate it).
Matt was patient, understood my multiple issues, but had NO solutions and I doubt he escalated those important issues to management or engineering. Look there are hundreds of complaints about the 8.x update that further undermines the usefulness and quality of the Sonos experience on iTunes app store, and even on the Sonos community forums. For Sonos to remove functionality for services like Pandora, remove options and the usefulness of the CR100 then blame it on demands from Pandora, Amazon, etc. for better security is like the tail wagging the dog and seems totally disingenuous. I have over 16 Sonos devices in my home used by my family, to every single user we are hating Sonos and Pandora now and we used to love your company and your products. I've invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours maximizing the use and features and now to see functions we loved, options we used, devices we depend on now all abandoned with lame excuses signals to me that Sonos is going the way of the Dodo. Matt suggested I use other devices instead of the beloved/solid/dependable CR100 (x3 units in my home). So I fired up an unused iPhone 4x so I could dedicate it to an always-on Sonos controller. Well guess what, the Sonos app won't work with older IOS system. Thanks Sonos for all the misdirection, and lousy updates that just ruin our system. Forget any future positive referrals to friends and family until you fix this MESS!!