Hint: Sonos Move Pairing Over Bluetooth With Multiple Devices

  • 17 October 2019
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There have been recent posts on pairing issues with the Move (in a second instance) which came down to just understanding how the Move works.

In both instances the user was trying to pair the Move to a second device. Once the Move is paired to a device it remembers that device automatically. So it you first paired your Move to your cell phone and later want to pair it to an iPad it may not pair; if both devices are in range. Meaning it will pair to the cell phone and ignore the iPad.

The solution is to turn off the BT on the cell phone which will force the Move to recognize in this case the iPad and pair with it. After the successful pairing with the iPad you may turn the BT back on for the iPhone.

The Move going forward will always pair first with the last device it was paired to if both devices are in range. If the last device is not in range it will select the next remembered device.

You might say that that logic might be problematic in a household with multiple devices pairing to the Move in random order. Having to go to each one and turn off BT to make it pair to the one you want would be a hassle.

Not to worry…the Sonos Move can remember up to the last 6 devices it was connected to. By pressing and holding the Play/Pause button, Move will attempt to connect with the next most recently used device. This procedure can be used for the maximum of 6 devices.

I hope this helps.  Cheers!


Edit: I don’t have 6 devices to pair so this is just speculation. Given that pressing and holding the Play/Pause button will force the Move to select the next remembered device may also work to place the Move in pairing mode to accept another device after the first pairing, second pairing and so on. Maybe someone can try it and add to this post.

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