hi, I am unable to connect to Tunein. I can play music from my Itunes on Sonos though

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Thanks for the update JoeFish.

First, I would recommend doing an update on your Sonos. To do this on a Windows controller, please go to Manage > Check for software updates.

In addition, I am seeing some wireless interference around the PLAY:5. If you are still experiencing the same problem after the update, please try moving the PLAY:5 to a different location in the home and starting playback.

If the issue persists even in a different location, please submit another diagnostic and let us know the number.
Okay, after the software update I was able to choose a station at random and play it, thank you.

I still cannot access some of my local stations, however. I created a new diagnostic (7411248) and took this screenshot. You can see the station has loaded, but I'm getting no audio.
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Hi JoeFish,

The connect between the Bridge and the speaker is looking good. Can you try those stations one more time? If these are bookmarked stations in Sonos Favorites or My Radio Stations, try and search for the station instead. If it plays, you may need to delete the old bookmark and update it with the new stream.

If there are any other stations that come back with issues playing, reply back with the station name here.
Okay, now it seems like it's just this one station. WXPN, 91.9.

All TuneIn radio stations are down for me, as well as some mixcloud tracks. Spotify works, Apple Music does not. All say "unable to connect". Router and Sonos both rebooted, no change. Software up to date. Diagnostic confirmation is 7710284.

Please advise! Many thanks.


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