Help to find functions in the android app

Now that there is some trouble with the Spotify Connect, I have been using the Sonos app. There are two things that I'm missing from the Spotify app:
1: A dedicated shuffle "button"
2: The option to "reverse" the playlist so that the newest song added is on the top. In the Spotify app you have the option to choose "newest first"

Maybe these things are already there, but I'm too blind to see it..?

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1: tap on the = lines on the right in the main full playing screen, and then at the top is the shuffle control. See screenshots.

2: I have not found this feature ever in Sonos (maybe there is, maybe there is not).

If you add albums/songs via Browse or Search from spotify you get the 'Shuffle All' option in the UI. Do note that if you have e.g. added a single album to your Sonos queue, and later go to the Browse/Search and tap a song your queue will be immediately replaced as you've not edited it. Just to beware that if you have not used the Sonos app much.

I've actually found the Sonos app's queue management at home situation much better for me. Spotify app seems to remove a song from the queue after it's played so that does not work for me. And working through an on-the-fly playlist in Spotify is also more time consuming than using the Sonos app. So, apart from feature 2, I recommend Sonos over Spotify connect but it of course depends on usage habits.
Ah, thank you!

I've just started using the Sonos app and I'll give it a shot. I'm really used to the Spotify app now and have had some issues with the queue system in Sonos, but now I understand how it works :D

Again; thank you! :)


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