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  • 4 October 2016
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I have a livingroom with one Sub, one Playbar and two Sonos5 (stereo paired).

I would like with a single button change the settings from "musicmode", e g Sonos5 stereo with the Sub TO "tv-mode", e g Playbar, Sub and 2 Sonos5 for the surround.
As it is now, I need to setup the Sonos system everytime I need to change this. Frustrating.
Is it possible to solve this?

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4 replies

When you say "set up the Sonos system", what exactly do you mean? You need to remove the surrounds and move the Sub, You don't have to set up the whole system again.

I agree that a simpler way of switching would be good, though. This has been requested many times, so I wonder if it's not quite as simple as it might appear to create this facility.
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Sonos have a setting in the surround settings for music playback - set it to "Full".

I do this and I think you'll be happy with that. Means you don't have to keep doing what you are.
No, all the devices are located in the same spots, no need to move them around.

But I want to listen to music on Sonos5 with Sub and later on I want to play PS4 or watch TV with Playbar, SUb and Sonos5. As far as I have understood, this is impossible without changing the setup in the software...?
Ok Stuart, I will have a look at this.Thanks